2014 introduces the final Tier 4 emission standards. The solutions from all manufacturers of high horsepower diesel engines will include the use of Diesel Exhaust Fluid. With that comes challenges, notably the need for a clean and convenient way to get DEF to machinery in off-road applications.
Thunder Creek Equipment is unveiling a new, portable solution for handling DEF. Just like all of Thunder Creek’s DEF delivery solutions, this system maintains the purity of the easily-contaminated fluid. The difference: this will fit in a standard truck bed.
The new solution, the DEF Transport Tote, houses a 50 gallon DEF tank and Thunder Creek’s patent-pending 2-in-1 DEF pumping system under a lockable, weather sealed door.
“What operators will like best about this solution is how well it will function for them,” says Luke Van Wyk, General Manager. “We’ve spent a lot of time designing this so you end up with a compact, convenient solution that maintains the contaminant-free nature of DEF.”
The tote can be loaded and secured using the same lift points. Everything is then easily accessible from the driver side of the truck bed.
Thunder Creek’s patent-pending 2-in-1 DEF pumping system allows you to fill and dispense DEF using just one pump. This exclusive system eliminates the need to purchase a separate DEF transfer pump (a savings of up to $2,000.) 
And unlike other portable DEF units on the market, you do not need to move the pump between filling and dispensing. It’s as simple as grabbing the hose, attaching either the Micro-Matic® coupler or dispensing nozzle, setting the flow direction and turning the pump on.
Most importantly, the Thunder Creek system maintains a completely closed path, so exposure to contamination is minimized.
To learn more about this new DEF solution from Thunder Creek, or other information about properly handling DEF, visit ThunderCreekEquipment.com.