DR Power Equipment has long been an industry innovator of lawn and yard trimming equipment. After introducing the revolutionary DR Trimmer Mower—a back-saving ‘trimmer on wheels’—in the mid-1980’s, they continued the line with the DR 3-Point Hitch Trimmer Mower for tractor owners in the summer of 2013. This spring, DR is introducing their next innovation: the DR 6.25 Tow-Behind Trimmer Mower.

The DR 6.25 Tow-Behind Trimmer Mower tows behind a riding lawn tractor, allowing those with long fence lines, ponds, or garden borders to trim while they mow. Traditionally, the lawn care regime has included two steps:  mowing the bulk of the lawn with a riding lawn tractor, and then going around the property again on foot to trim weeds and tall grasses from around flower beds, along fence lines, and up close to structures. With the new DR 6.25 Tow-Behind Trimmer Mower, property owners can complete both steps at once, mowing the lawn while trimming those hard-to-reach areas.

The new model attaches easily with a standard pin hitch and is offset such that it trims outside the mower’s cutting path. Spring-loaded tensioning allows the trimmer head to easily deflect around trees, fence posts, and other obstacles, producing a clean trim right up close. At just 85 lbs., it is easy to roll away for storage.

Joe Perrotto, President and CEO of DR Power Equipment’s parent company, Country Home Products, says of the new DR 6.25 Tow-Behind Trimmer Mower: “DR was built on lawn trimming innovation, and we’re really excited to be taking it to the next level this spring with the tow-behind model. We think it will be an invaluable tool for customers with long fences and large properties who want an easy solution.”

The DR Tow-Behind Trimmer Mower is available at www.drpower.com or call 800-687-6575.