Brush Wolf has announced the addition of a new powerful number 8 bearing housing and the redesign of the motor for their popular 72 M-AX. These combined features make the 72 M-AX the brush cutter that delivers more brute force than any other rotary brush cutter available. This makes it the cutter of choice for the most difficult brush jobs.

The redesigned 72 M-AZ is an efficient cutting machine that houses a 11.9 hydraulic motor. The machine features a 600 pound blade carrier that will roll over obstacles, like rocks or tree stumps, without a problem. The 150 pound number 8 bearing housing delivers incredible power to the three-blade carrier. In spite of the fact that it is a 600 pound blade carrier, it has smooth operation for a clean cut.

The 72 M-AX can cut brush of all types ,including trees. As a company spokesperson said, "If taking down large trees and eliminating brush is what you are looking to do, the 72 M-AX is what you should be looking for."

What makes this brush cutter so effective on trees is the way it works. It uses its push guide to push back the brush and small trees, so it can cut down trees up to 10 inches in diameter smoothly and effectively. It's also easy to use because of quick attach pick-up plates, and built in safety features eliminate risks.
"Brush is known to be the number one selling rotary brush cutter in the country," said a company spokesperson. "Just one pass through the densest brush you can find, and you will see why this aggressive, powerful machine is so popular."

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