JCB continues to add to its industry leading range of articulated telescopics with the addition of the TM220.  The TM220 joins its already successful bigger brother in the range, the TM320, which was on display at this year’s National Farm Machinery Show. 

While still relatively new to the North American market, the JCB TeleMaster series is now in its fourth generation.  First launched in 1995 as a TM270, the TeleMaster series continues to improve with the introduction of each new machine.

The 2.5-liter JCB Diesel by Kohler 2504 TCR engine enters service in the new TM220 compact telescopic loader – in addition a number of significant new features have been included for improved productivity.

The new liquid-cooled engine replaces an air-cooled unit and results from close co-operation between JCB and Kohler engineers to finalize a power unit specification that ideally suits JCB compact equipment and fits JCB’s philosophy on engine emissions control.

JCB’s Director of Engine Programs Alan Tolley said: “The decision to partner with Kohler to develop engines for JCB compact machines was driven by the synergy in the technologies used by JCB and Kohler to achieve stringent Tier 4 Final emissions legislation. Kohler’s achievement of Tier 4 Final without the need for a bulky DPF is fully in line with our own engine strategy and allows our designers maximum flexibility when it comes to meeting machine design and packaging requirements. These highly efficient engines will offer our customers improved performance and lower fuel consumption.”

As far as performance is concerned, operators of the new loaders are in for a treat as the power output is unchanged in the TM220 at 75hp but the new Kohler engine produces up to 20% more torque at lower engine rpms improving productivity and lowering fuel consumption.

Just as impressive is the amount of torque available when the engine is worked hard – at just 1000rpm, there is still 90% of peak torque on hand to help maximize pushing power and bucket performance.

The generous torque output also means the operator can do much of his work at lower revs – so there is great potential for working more quietly and with greater fuel economy, especially thanks to the JCB Diesel by Kohler engine’s precise fuel metering and delivery achieved by an advanced high pressure common rail injection system with electronic control.

The TM220 has plenty of muscle with a 4400 lbs. maximum lift capacity and a maximum lift height of 14ft. 4 in. When fully extended, maximum lift capacity is 2250 lbs. , more than enough capacity to easily load a trailer from one side.  The TM220 also features a top speed of 25 mph further boosting productivity.

Additional features for the TM220 include boom end-damping ensuring exceptional operator comfort for a compact machine.  As well the TM220 comes standard with JCB Q-Fit carriage, the same as a TM320, so a variety of attachments from the JCB family of agricultural attachments can be used.

The new single lever joystick in addition to controlling the loader also has transmission range control and a handy forward and reverse switch. A new instrument display in the cab ensures the operator can easily monitor machine performance.

Externally, fresh styling for the counter-weight and engine cover helps identify the latest hard-working compact loader from JCB Agriculture.

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The TM320 has a maximum lift capacity of 6390 lbs., a maximum lift height of 17 ft. 1 in and uses the 4.4 liter JCB Ecomax Tier 4 Interim engine, delivering 125hp and 406lbf-ft of torque.