To enhance producers’ ability to save on input costs and potentially grow yields, Case IH is further enhancing its AFS® precision farming offering. New in 2014, Case IH AFS AccuControl rate controller technology will now interface with the rate controllers on Case IH Nutri-Tiller applicators and third-party anhydrous ammonia applicators.

Using only the AFS Pro 700 control center in the cab, operators can vary the rate on a single product and control up to 48 sections manually or based upon prescription maps. Operators also can map and record rates applied in each field, each season.

AFS AccuControl also can interface with multiple brands of planters for seed and liquid fertilizer control, sprayers and strip-till applicators. Producers can put seed, fertilizer and other inputs exactly where they want them with only the touch of a button. This user interface is customizable.

Using a time-saving technology called xFill™, producers can continue running for up to 20 minutes if there is a signal interruption with their RTK guidance signal. With just a few buttons, the operator can set the AccuGuide™ system to automatically switch to xFill when RTK signal is interrupted.

Using the last known location in the field and current guidance lines, xFill steps in to keep the RTK in fixed mode while maintaining a high level of accuracy. The technology increases in-field runtime and further adds to the reliability of the Case IH AFS 372 GNSS receiver. It allows for seamless switching and smooth transitions when switching between xFill and RTK once the connection has been restored.

Current and new AFS 372 receiver users can access the xFill reliability upgrade through their AFS Pro700 control center display. New Case IH receivers come equipped with the technology, and current owners can receive the update through a software upgrade.


Case IH has further enhanced its AFS precision farming offering by allowing AFS AccuControl rate controller technology to interface with the Case IH Nutri-Tiller and third-party anhydrous ammonia applicators.