BioSafe Systems recently added an adjuvant, HOLDit, to their extensive crop protection solutions produce line.  

HOLDit is an effective, easy-to-use product for drift retardation and deposition improvement in spraying operations. The unique polymer formulation of HOLDit actually locks in the active ingredient, allowing the combination to increase the residual of bacterial and fungal controls for plant pathogens. HOLDit’s ability to attach to the active ingredient in BioSafe Systems’ products and allow it to stick to the intended target will effectively improve deposition and allow for an increased level of product efficacy.

HOLDit improves the performance of BioSafe Systems’ activated peroxygen and product formulations by creating a residual for increased contact and kill time. It also reduces the amount of drift and off-target deposition of spray solutions buy making the spray particles less susceptible to wind drift. HOLDit is compatible with OxiDate 2.0, OxiPhos, SaniDate 12.0 and AXXE.

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