CEAttachments, Inc. announces NEW EDGE Backhoes and Buckets for skid steer and track loaders.

Three NEW EDGE Backhoe models feature a new mono-block style valve with higher rated spool seals to prevent valve leakage from high back pressure.  These new models also now feature Grouser-style stabilizer pads as standard equipment for added stability and control.

These new models are the EDGE BH509B, BH511B, and BH611B and join the BH485 model with the 180 degree boom pivot rotation.  The digging depths of the new Backhoes range from 9’8” to 11’1”, and digging forces from 5676 to 6200 lb.

Five new EDGE excavator-style Buckets are also available for these new Backhoes, and more easily accept a quick coupler for trouble-free hookup.  The new EDGE Buckets come in 12”, 16”, 18”, 24” and 36” sizes with capacities ranging from 1.25 cubic foot to 4.05 cubic foot capacities for any size excavating job.

These new EDGE Backhoes and Buckets will give you the power to handle excavation jobs such as digging utility trenches or septic tanks without the necessity of bringing another large piece of equipment to a job site.

See the new EDGE Backhoes and Buckets Product Announcement and Spec Sheet on their website at www.ceattachments.com/news/currentnews/13-10-23/New_EDGE_Low_Profile_Snow_Pushes.aspx.

For more information call 866-232-8224 or visit www.ceattachments.com.