For more than two decades May Wes has manufactured the Slide-N-Drive™ Poly Fifth Wheel Covers for the ag and transportation industries.  Recently two new poly covers were brought to market, making a total of 20 different product offerings supporting these fifth wheel makes/models:

  • Holland; FW35, FW8, FW17, FW3500 & FW2500, FWS1, FW6000
  • Fontaine; 7000, 6000, 5092, 3000
  • Jost; JSK37H, JSK37U & JSK37F
  • Simplex; Simplex SE, Simplex Lite, Simplex II
  • Reese; 18K, 20K & 25K
  • Robin Industries; 15K

Why Slide-N-Drive™?  
Made from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) material, Slide-N-Drive™ Poly Covers eliminate the need for greasing the fifth wheel plate surface.  The poly material’s non-stick surface keeps debris from adhering and enables better trailer handling and maneuvering.  The •” thick UHMW’s superior strength will extend the life of the 5th wheel plate and over-the-road drivers report getting 400,000 plus miles per poly cover.
The Slide-N-Drive™ kits come with everything needed for a basic installation. The poly plate is pre-drilled with strategically placed holes that clear obstructions under the 5th wheel plate.  Two powdered-coated ram bars and all necessary hardware are included with the kit.  
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No grease. No worries.