LAFORGE continues the commitment to meeting the diversified needs of customers for front 3-point hitch technology.  

The GreenLink® line of hitches for John Deere tractors is now expanded with the introduction of the heavy duty HD6/7R PowerFold® model for the standard 7R-Series tractors. The John Deere hitch-ready factory option is not required for this hitch.

The patented PowerFold® system, allowing the operator to fold and unfold the hitch from the cab, is standard on this hitch model. It’s a unique feature not offered by any other front hitch manufacturer.

With 6 400 Kg (14 100 lb) lift capacity and the heavy-duty premium design criteria, this front hitch system is perfect for dozer blades and tillage equipment.

An extensive list of options include remote switches, hydraulic center link, LAFORGE’s full line of automatic control systems, including  the patented DynaContour® as well as Fleximass® ballasting system and Easymass® weights.

GreenLink HD6/7R  PowerFold® is available as an accessory to John Deere 7-Series tractors through their world-wide dealer network.

For more information visit or call 800-422-5636.


GreenLink®HD6/7R PowerFold®