It’s been over a year since the last Farm and Ranch Life quiz and readers have been asking for another test of knowledge about agriculture.  Here it is: Circle the answer you think is correct for each item; then check the answer key and explanations at the end of the quiz and calculate your score.  

1. The country that nearly always produces the most rice each year is:

    •    USA, not only do Americans now eat a lot of rice, we export much to the rest of the world
    •    India, it’s their staple food
    •    Brazil, rice is well suited for the climate
    •    Indonesia
    •    China

2. The country that nearly always produces the most wheat each year is:

    •    Canada, it’s the country’s main export
    •    USA
    •    Argentina, it has the best soil for raising wheat
    •    China
    •    India, ever since Norman Borlaug showed the country how to raise wheat more productively

3. The country that uses the most horses for work is:

    •    Canada, think lumber harvest and farming
    •    England, the citizens are well known as horse lovers
    •    USA, we have cowboys still
    •    Russia, in many rural areas the people rely on horses to farm and transport goods
    •    China, it probably has the most horses as well as people

4. The country that has produced the most pork for the past 20 years is:

    •    USA, it’s obvious that U.S. farmers raise swine the best
    •    Denmark, the people love pork and sell it around the world
    •    Germany, pork is their main agricultural export
    •    China
    •    Africa

5. The country in which the average citizen consumes the most rabbit is:

    •    Germany, hasenpfeffer is a popular German dish
    •    Italy, no way
    •    China, the people look to rabbit as a source of much-needed protein
    •    France, French cuisine includes rabbit more than any other meat, right?
    •    Canada, the country has the most wild bunnies in the world

6. Can squash blossoms be consumed by humans?

    •    They are poisonous and to be avoided
    •    For centuries Native Americans consumed them as a delicacy
    •    Italians recently developed a nontoxic variety
    •    Squash blossoms are best left to bees and insects because they taste foul

7. Which of the following does not fit with the others?

    •    Peduncle
    •    Anthers
    •    Stamen
    •    Sepal
    •    Petals

8. Where would someone who is familiar with pistils most likely work?

    •    In law enforcement
    •    At a brothel
    •    Swine breeding farm
    •    A patent office
    •    Plant seed nursery

9. Which of the following is least like the others?

    •    Shire
    •    Percheron
    •    Belgian
    •    Suffolk Punch
    •    Thoroughbred

10. Linseed oil comes from:

    •    Canola
    •    Petroleum
    •    Flax
    •    Brazil nut trees
    •    Linden trees

11. Oliver, Cockshutt and ________ were merged to form White Farm Equipment.

    •    Massey Harris
    •    Ford Ferguson
    •    Allis Chalmers
    •    Minneapolis Moline
    •    Farmall

Correct answers: 1. e); Southeastern Asians consume rice daily; India is closest to China in domestic rice production and consumption; the U.S. ranks tenth in rice production. 2. d); China is the most populous nation and its people eat a lot of wheat products as well as rice; for the past several years China has become a net exporter of wheat. 3. c); The U.S. uses about 10M horses of various sizes for work of some sort (e.g., livestock handling, farming, pleasure riding), followed by China, and then Mexico. 4. d), For many earlier centuries most Chinese families kept pigs and chickens on their property; they still consume most of the country’s pork; around the mid-1990s, China adopted modern pork production methods and now produces half the world’s swine; if you answered “Africa,” it is a continent and not a country, and besides, Africans tend to not eat pork. 5. b); China consumes the most rabbit meat overall, but Italians consume the most rabbit per capita. 6. b); Squash blossoms fried in a tempura batter or served in many other ways have a delectable taste.  7. a); All are parts of a flower except the peduncle, which is the stalk.  8. d); Pistils are the female reproductive parts of flowers.  9. e); All but the Thoroughbred are draft horses.  10. c); Flax also is used to produce linen.  11. a); 12. d); Tractor buffs should know this.

If you got 10 or more correct, you know a lot of diverse agriculture information; 7-10 correct, you could do fairly well in a Farming Trivial Pursuit game; less than 7 correct, consider taking a Remedial Agriculture course. 

Michael Rosmann is a Harlan, Iowa clinical psychologist (and fly-fisherman) who lives on the farm he shares with his wife.  Contact him at: