Want to see how much you know about agriculture?  Take the quiz and figure out your score.

For each item below, circle the answer you think comes closest to defining these agricultural terms.

1. Linebred

a.  Having a good pedigree.

b.  Animals related to one another to emphasize one or more traits.

c.  Having one purebred parent.

d.  Synchronizing estrus in a group of animals so they can be bred around the same time.

2.    Barrow

a.  A ditch alongside a road.

b. What a farmer does at the bank.

c.  Neutered male pig.

d. City on the western coast of Alaska.

3.   Option    

a. Football play in which the kicker chooses to kick or pass the ball.

b. A contract that allows a farmer to buy or sell grain or livestock at a set price for a specified period of time.

c. Bid placed on a horse sold at public auction.

d. The choice you make when you decide to give your son/daughter the keys to the family car.

4.    Phytophthora

a. Structural unit of a plant consisting of a leaf and its associated stem part.

b. Produced or precipitated by light.

c. Microscopic soil born organism that causes root rot in plants.

d. What you call your broker when you get bad advice.

5. Greensnap

a. Cornstalk breakage caused by high wind when the corn plant is growing quickly.

b. What green beans are called in the South.

c. A lively unbroken young horse.

d. What happens to your back after throwing hay bales all day.

Laughter releases endorphins, which reduce pain and contribute to feeling well.  

6. Buffer Strip

a. Vegetation planted along a stream to prevent pesticides and fertilizer from entering the waterway.

b. What a farmer does before getting in the shower.

c. A method of plowing to eliminate grass on the tops of terraces.

d. Alternating strips of crops in a field to minimize sold erosion.

7. Aflatoxins

a. Produced by molds, especially in stored grain.

b. How Republicans and Democrats feel about each other in the same room.

c. A potent non-protein neurotoxin that originates from cryptosporidium bacteria.

d. Illness caused by soil-borne bacteria that animals ingest.


8. Gilt

a. Shiny expensive gold covering on some machinery bearings.

b. How we want our teenager to feel after violating curfew.

c. What happens when a farmer doesn’t pay his/her bills on time.

d. Female pig that has not yet given birth.

9. Put Option

a. A track and field event in which a heavy shot is heaved for a distance.

b. Golf stroke made on a putting green to cause the ball to roll near the hole.

c. Gives a buyer the right to sell a futures contract at a net price on or before a specific date.

d. Method of starting a two cylinder John Deere tractor, occasionally while cussing.

10. AI

a. What a farmer says when he/she accidentally hits his/her finger with a hammer.

b. Well known crop insurance company.

c.  Agricultural industry.   

d. Artificial insemination.    


11. Dam

a.  A young female sheep that has not yet given birth.

b.  The mother of an animal.

c. What you say when you sold corn on a down market.

d. Another word for manure pit.

12. CAFO

a. Concentrated Animal Feedlot Operation.

b. What some people say when they sneeze.   

c.  Cash Advance for Operations.

d. What your dog does when it is sick.


Give yourself 5 points for each correct answer for each question answered correctly:

1. B, 2. C, 3. B, 4. C, 5. A, 6. A, 7. C,  8. D, 9. C, 10. D, 11. B, 12. A.     

45-60 points: Congratulations, you are a farmer!

30-45 points: At least you’re trying to be a good farmer.

Less than 30 points:  Consider Ag School.

For more information, check the Glossary of Terms at www.agriwellness.org, under Resources.

– By Mike Rosmann, Ph.D.

Email Dr. Rosmann at [email protected], or visit his website at www.agbehavioralhealth.com.  You can call him at his office in Harlan, Iowa at 712-235-6100.