Agriculture is quite the adventure

         Celebrated and highlighted once a year.

         Family tables would be terribly empty

         Without a farmer doing his work daily.

Grinning when the prices are high

         Grumbling when the markets decline

         It’s a high stakes way of making a living

         With many a hard earned dollar investing

Relying on the Farm and Livestock Directory

         to keep us up to date

         On the latest news and innovations

         To put to good use on farm operations.

Increasing efficiency while reducing

         Debt load, making a decent living,

         Being a good citizen and neighbor,

         Spouse and parent define a farmer.

Chief bottle washer, for sure

         When triplet lambs or calves do

         Require more nutrition than mama

         Can provide to quiet the family drama.

Unravelling the farm program mystery

         Keeping all calculations accurately

         Reporting acreages to FSA offices

         Making sure all is in order.

Living the dream from that first day

         Dad gave a ride in the tractor cab.

         Envisioning many times his own farm

         Where nary a weed could be found.

Taking care of the soil and water

         His goal is to leave his farmland better

         Than when it was first entrusted

         To his care and protection.

Unpredictable weather and events

         Can play havoc with the best of plans.

         Farming demands a persevering attitude

         Facing each setback with cheerful fortitude.        

Really a livelihood, yet also a lifestyle

         The two are often inseparable

         The view from the kitchen window

         Can be work to do or the shady willow.

Everchanging, like the sunrise each morning.

         Yet, still the same sense of wonder each spring

         When that first green blade is appearing,

         The farmer kneeling asks God for His blessing.