Time to say goodbye to the fun check writing days! Aah, how my farmer would cringe inwardly and outwardly through the last eleven years because consistently my comments would be how enjoyable it was and would be to date checks on the those identical digit days.

Confess now, surely I am not the only one who found it delightful to fill in the date box 10/10/10 or the last 12/12/12? It will be another century before these symmetrical dates happen again. And I won’t be living to see another turn of the century.    

In 2013 about the only month it will be fun to write checks out will be March – 3/3/13, 3/13/13 or 3/31/13. Strange sense of humor, says my farmer. He thinks it is more fun to make bank deposits on those days, actually he says any date works well for him. He is so much like my dad!

In all verity, we are at the threshold of the new year. If it were up to me to name the year, it would be The Year of Real. Authentic and genuine where truth has been separated from fiction.

Once something is printed or said, it is often counted as truth. Masters of deception do an excellent job of portraying a false representation as true. Lies can spread like wildfire.

Adolf Hitler knew all about lying: "If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed."

Now that the election is over, it is time for our politicians to become statesmen. There is a difference; a politician works from behind on his/her own agenda,  making decisions on what is in it for him and looks good on camera; a statesman leads his country unselfishly, listening, addressing the problems, choosing what is best for America.

Wouldn’t it be good if their lips spoke the truth, not just fear building, manipulating our responses. We know that more disaster occurs from reacting to panic, than calmly working things out with a level head.

When it comes to food, lies abound there affecting our decision making. On this farm we grow food for ourselves, local community, across the continent and world. Meaning it is quite important to me to know the truth on GMO foods. Are they good or bad? There are many convincing arguments for GMO foods, but the flip side is that those opposed can make just as convincing arguments. Who speaks with veracity? The same applies to organic foods versus non-organic. 

Then there is the ethanol versus food battle, farm bill or food stamp bill, environmental issues sorting between hysteria and what really needs changing.

How many more promises we will get before we have more livestock markets with less concentration of packers? When my dad took a straight truck load of cattle to the stockyards, he had two within reasonable distance to truck to. Once there he had multiple commission firms to choose from to sell his fat cattle. Those were the days before captive supply.

For years our representatives have been telling us they will fix that. Instead the meat markets are now more concentrated than ever. Quit telling us you are going to do something, raising our hopes – we find your fraudulent doublespeak contemptible.

Cut the bull and give us the simple, straight honest to goodness whole truth and nothing but the truth. We’ll do the thinking and concluding.

Essays from My Farm House Kitchen | Renae B. Vander Schaaf

Renae B. Vander Schaaf, freelance writer, lives on a real working farm in northwest Iowa.

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