Agriculture has played a huge role in my life.  Honestly, I would not be where I am today without it.  When I was a little girl, agriculture meant what my dad and grandpa did everyday.  As I grew older, it meant helping my dad feed livestock, planting, harvesting and any other fun jobs my dad could think of!  Without really realizing it, agriculture became apart of my everyday life through FFA, 4-H and being on the farm.  


Now while being at Iowa State University I am able to increase my knowledge and continue to express my passion for the agriculture industry.  I am able to learn from great agriculture professors and become active in organizations around campus.  I am also able to work for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Communication office.  These opportunities thus far have been great and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.

  My dad (Dennis), me, and my brother Wesley looking at home and happy, together in the cab of a tractor. 


Since growing older agriculture continues and continues to grow in my life.  Knowing that I play a role in feeding the world like so many others is truly an amazing feeling.  Agriculture may seem like work to many, but it is a desire and a way of life for so many more. I see agriculture in many different ways.  It could be visiting the Iowa State Fair and seeing the famous butter cow, meeting other students passionate about agriculture, going to livestock shows, watching livestock auctions, seeing machinery in the field, watching baby calves grow, feeding cattle, selling grain or seeing farming families work together.  For everyone it is probably different, but seeing those little things brings joy to our hearts.  

What does agriculture mean to you? I would love to hear your comments. Email me at [email protected].



Kayla Degner was born and raised in rural Lytton, IA on a diversified grain and livestock family farm. She graduated from Rockwell City-Lytton in May 2012 and currently attends Iowa State University studying Agricultural Communications. Her past involved many agriculture venues. Kayla has a strong interest in advocating to the youth involved in agriculture.

Contact her at [email protected].