This is the perfect time for seniors in high school to start preparing for college. Normally you should have your college picked out by now, depending on your decision-making skills!
Some tips for making sure your college is right for you include:
  • Campus Life
  • Campus Size
  • Academic Advisor
  • Location of College
  • Selected Program of Study
  • Cost-Scholarships, Financial Aid
Once you choose your college there is a number of things that need to be done. These include:
  • Filling out scholarships
  • Where do you want to live?
o   On-Campus: Residence Halls
o   Off-Campus: Apartment or Home
  • Dining Services

o   Meal Plans

  • Transcripts
o   Previous college courses
o   High school transcripts (send once graduated)
  • Financial Aid Eligibility
o   FAFSA Forms

  • Tuition Costs
  • Look for a job
  • Plan summer orientation
  • Make a budget plan 
The good thing about choosing agriculture as your selected area of study is the availability of scholarships. Agriculture is a growing sector and youth today will have a large impact on the future. I believe that is why there are so many scholarships available for high school seniors and college students.
FAFSA is also another great financial tool. Usually, high school guidance counselors have meetings and announcements about it.
I applied for about 15 scholarships and most of them were agriculture related. I understood that I would not get every scholarship, but at least I put in an effort. I also had a teacher once explain to me that if it takes one hour to fill out one scholarship and that scholarship is $500 dollars, you just worked for $500 an hour. You really cannot beat that!
For any younger students, I can give you even more advice for college! I strongly believe that staying involved in activities and focusing on your grades will help you get accepted into any college you want! However, you also need to do well on your ACT, SAT, or Compass test. Another thing you can do is take college courses while in high school. This will help lower costs and get you ahead in college! I brought in a semester’s worth of credits and am planning on graduating a year early, which will save me a lot of money!
Many families and students stress and worry about getting accepted or choosing the right college to attend. Also if you know anyone personally that attends a college of interest, ask them questions, they are a great resource! I honestly knew Iowa State University was the college for me because of the great agriculture program! I also do believe that in the end everything will fall into place.
If any of my readers have questions about college or anything else feel free to email me at [email protected].




Keagan Findley and I receive a scholarship dealing with showing cattle and participating in FFA and 4-H.