As spring approaches, farmers are busy preparing for planting season. Many farmers have been preparing since this past winter and even last fall. My dad and brother have been working hard these past couple of months to be ready for this busy time of year. The planter is the most important part of this process, which includes the GPS technology.  

They also service the planter tractor. We run our own sprayer so that is also another task in itself. The combination of fertilizer, chemicals and water tender, which is mounted onto a semi trailer, is also a process. For the sprayer and water tender to correlate, communications is key between the farmer and elevator. The field cultivator and tractor also are used. It is used to incorporate the chemical and fertilizer into the soil to prepare for the seedbed. 

They also are balancing feeding cattle, calving season and everything else that happens during a day on the farm!

My brother will be done with calving within the next couple of weeks. This will allow him more time to help my dad with planting. My last column discussed calving season, and that is still going smoothly. The baby calves are still just as cute, but are growing quickly!

Spring and planting season also bring warmer weather. It has been a brutal and cold winter in the Midwest. I think we are all very grateful for the 60-degree weather we have been receiving.

I am also excited for this warmer weather because it means summer is quickly approaching. I will be done with my junior year of college May 9! My summer internship starts May 12, which will be at NEW Cooperative in Fort Dodge, Iowa. I will be working with the communications department. I am excited to get started and start learning more about what I love to do!

Between then and now, however, I have a lot of assignments, projects, papers and exams to complete. I would rather be busy than to not have anything to do. (I think I developed that trait from growing up on the farm alongside my parents and older brother.) On our farm, there is always something to be done. This might include repairing a tractor, mowing the yard, or feeding cattle.

This is especially true during planting season. There is always a job for my dad, mom, brother and I. My dad usually is planting in the field, my mom always cooks a wonderful meal, my brother does cattle chores and then heads to the field for spring tillage and if I am home I usually get to tend seed and ride along with my dad in the planter. My mom also teaches part-time at our local middle school.

I was inspired to write this month’s column after listening to a meaningful quote that reminded me of my family.

The quote is from the upcoming movie Farmland, “Lots of people talk about how hard they work, but until you know a farmer, you don’t know what hard work is.”  

Farmland. Dir. James Moll. Per. Margaret Schlass. 2014. Film.


This year's baby calves are growing quickly!