By a Livestock Judge(Ken Knight) 

I read the bible every day, and in this book I find,

The story of creation, so great it really blows my mind.

Now, everyone plays favorites–and God does too, but just to be fair,

From what I read, his favorite is the Burke County Fair.

Now days I mostly attend fairs for a livin', so I really shouldn’t complain,

‘Cause every time I attend one, it’s mostly for my own financial gain.

And though I really know better ’n to question God, sometimes I really wonder,

If when he created farm animals, he didn’t accidently blunder.

For if you haven’t been stomped on by a calf or kicked by a horse,

You haven’t really spoken in tongues, as Christian folks do, of course.

Hey, I try to be Christian in all that I do, but try singing “Amazing Grace”,

When picking yourself up off the ground with excrement on your face.

Like I said, it ain’t proper to question God, ‘cause I know he knows what he’s doin',

But deep down inside I wonder if he’d made ‘em if he was the one who had to judge ‘em.

For as I judge every animal and look into the eyes of every exhibitor,

It is as though one can see under the hide, and into the hearts of every competitor.

A competition of over-achievers, so fierce and competitively intense,

That neither the heart nor the soul can be contained within the fence.

Fenced and corralled, while striving to win, are the legacies of a champion.

Expressed by proud Moms, Dads, Grandmas, and Grandpas for a job well done.

The prayer of the county fair is that the results will be fair.

That in the show ring, every cow calf, pig, sheep, stallion, and mare,

Will be shown to represent the best of its class.

And will, respectively, do so without giving the judge any sass. God’s creation of all those county fair animals on parade,

Is from whom I’ve been blest, and the best of memories are made.

To have shown and won, is a memory that never dies.

To second best go the spoils, for Whom the tear never cries.


*adapted from: The Gospel According To A Horseshooer (by Steve Wonick, from the great state of Oklahoma)

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