Giving thanks is perhaps the easiest human gesture to express, as the goodness of others is endless. How else do we adequately show our gratitude and appreciation? By saying thank you!

In so doing, I would like to express my thanks to the many readers of this magazine. Without your genuine interest and input, I would have nothing to write about. You have become the guiding light of the path that this article has taken. Not only for that which is enlightening, but a wake-up call for being less than insightful.

A good example of this will appear in next month’s column, where a caller takes me to task for my insensitivity to deer hunting. He points out that not everything in life is measured in dollars and cents, that the intrinsic value of human relationships and innate skills of the sport far outweigh the value of the harvested product.

It was you, the reader that has constantly pointed out the immeasurable value of being raised on a family farm – a value that moves you closer to the top line than the bottom line – proving once again, that that which can’t be measured is the most valuable.

The personal contacts and relationships that I’ve developed have become invaluable, to the point of becoming lifetime bonds of friendship and business associates. “Thank you”, for this association, as these have been life changing relationships.

None of this would have been possible if it had not been for the Farm And Livestock Directory, for which the Knightro Report has been featured for close to two decades. And, for which, the biggest “thank you” of all is offered in this Thanksgiving issue.

Saying thanks doesn’t seem like nearly enough, when considering the magnitude of the impact on my life.

To everyone who has contributed, thank you!

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