Home-made Bath Salts

After the Christmas ‘crush’ and attempting to pay off all of those credit card bills, something like perfumed bath salts may seem like a splurge nobody really needs (even though it does wonders for a person).

This is the time to make it yourself; these don’t cost much and make you feel like a million bucks after a long day at work.
You will need:

  • Glycerin
  • food coloring (optional),
  • your favorite perfume
  • Epsom salts

In a 1-quart glass bowl, put one tablespoon of glycerin, 1–2 drops of food coloring (optional), and a teaspoon or so of your favorite perfume.  Put three cups of Epsom salts in a measuring cup, pour into the bowl and mix well.  Put the scented/colored salts in a pretty glass container and set it in the bathroom for that hot bath later this evening.
(tip submitted by MK, IA)

Cheap Baby Powder

A reader writes:

We just welcomed our first great-grandchild a few weeks ago and I am finding out how thrifty these young folks really are. Our grandson’s wife uses plain old kitchen cornstarch as her baby powder!  She just poked a few holes in the end of the box with a big needle and sprinkles it on the baby.

When I asked her, “Why cornstarch?” she replied, “Because if you read the labels on the commercial stuff, it says ‘100% PURE CORNSTARCH’ on the back of the box. Sometimes, they put in a little bit of scent to make it smell good, but I’m not paying $3–$4 for a fancy package of cornstarch I can get for a dollar!”

Smart little gal–I can’t wait to see what else she comes up with!
(tip submitted by JO, CA)

Stabilizer For Crafting

I just had to share this with your readers: Any of us that do crafts of any kind, especially needle crafts, have seen ‘stabilizer’ sold in stores to back certain projects. Well, I have a neighbor who has a new use for those dryer sheets. When all the scent is gone, she irons them flat and uses them for her ‘stabilizer’ for quilted table toppers, place mats, wall hangings, etc. She said, “I’ve already paid for this, gotten the use of it, and now I’m recycling it.
(tip submitted by GH, SD)

Valentine Cake, The ‘Cheap Way’

If you want to make a heart shaped cake for Valentine’s Day but don’t want to pay the extra money for a special pan, you can make one with just regular 8”-9” pans.

Bake one layer in a square pan and the other layer in a round pan. When completely cool, turn the square cake layer so there is a point at the bottom of the plate, then cut the round cake in half and put the halves on either side of the top point. It makes a heart shape that can be frosted and nobody can even tell until they cut the cake.
(tip submitted by JS, AR)

Handy Holder For Those Who Use A Walker

A reader writes:

My mother is in a nursing home now and uses a walker to get around.  I had made her a cloth bag to hang on the front of the walker to hold things like a hanky and her glasses and it worked fine. Then, a friend brought her part of a shoe bag. She had cut off about half of the shoe bag, leaving two rows of pockets so Mom can sort her things as she puts them in and doesn’t have to dig around to find what she needs. She has fastened Velcro to the back of the bag and to Mom’s walker, so it’s easy to remove when not needed.
(tip submitted by DK, IA)

Freezing Yeast–How Long it Really Lasts

A reader writes:

While helping clean out the freezer of a friend recently, we discovered packets of yeast that were several years old and more than outdated, but, just for kicks, we decided to try them and see if there was any life still left in the yeast. To our surprise, it worked beautifully. We made dinner rolls and they rose up light at a feather.

We both learned to freeze yeast and it will keep for several years.

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