The new multi-tasking TP800S Series Tool Bar from HFL Fabrication can side-dress corn, inter-seed cover crops in standing corn, strip-till and even plant small grains and soybeans. Much like a Swiss Army knife, operators can configure the tool in various forms to accomplish different tasks.

It comes standard with both front and rear 3-point hitch system allowing you to hook up both the front and the back of the machine. Whether it is a simple hitch for towing a wagon to a rear lift assist, all can be accomplished by just hooking up via the rear 3-point hitch system.

The rear tank mount can hold either a dry or liquid tank. This tank is an excellent way to transfer weight to the Tool Bar. The front hitch system can also carry a dry Valmar Tank. These options allow you to accomplish multiple tasks in one pass through the field.

Built tough to withstand rugged field conditions, the Tool Bar features a double frame and has versatile tooling options. The rear cart with hitch tow option makes it a pull-type, and a lift assist is available for use on 3-point hitch mounted toolbar. Models available from 10- to 40-feet wide.

The new multi-tasking TP800S Series Tool Bar from HFL Fabrication.