Krone North America announces good news for forage harvester owners. Krone has introduced new adapter kits for installing new Krone forage harvester heads on competitive choppers. So even if you do not own a Krone forage harvester, you can enjoy forage-quality-improving benefits from the industry-leading Krone forage harvester heads.

“Superior forage quality starts with the design and performance of the header. Many farmers have already heard from other farmers that the Krone headers are better-designed to help lead to a better quality of forage coming out the spout,” says Brent Raines, forage harvester product authority for Krone. “With this new Krone head adapter kit for new Krone heads, all farmers can get that improved forage quality, even if they do not yet own a Krone chopper.”

Krone forage harvester heads are designed with Cutting Edge™ forage harvesting advantages:

  • Exclusive Krone corn head design (EasyCollect) feeds the crop consistently into the intake—butt-end first—helping deliver accurate length of cut and Cutting Edge™ Forage Quality.
  • Low-maintenance, cam-less pick-up (EasyFlow) provides consistent crop flow and is infinitely variable so you can adjust to all crop conditions and ground speeds.
  • Krone heads are horsepower-efficient and low-maintenance.