Author: Ken E. Knight

Why We love the 4th of July So Much

Everyone celebrates Independence Day in his or her own tradition. Family memories are as reminiscent as that of any other holiday or celebration. For my family it was the celebration of my Grandma’s birthday. Not many have the good fortune of knowing their birthday will never be missed. She was a stately ole’ gal that made the most of gathering her brood around for a memorable day. Having raised six daughters, there was no lack of family and friends — aunts, uncles and cousins that still share those memories at every family gathering. Though time has taken its toll,...

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The Road Most Travelled to the County Fair

Ours was the road most travelled to the county fair, as it was a direct shot from our driveway to the gateway to the fairgrounds. Many a horse knew its way down that two-mile stretch of unbridled travel. Likewise, there was always that touch of personal involvement that seemed unending. The horse always had to show up at the fairgrounds bushed and tired enough to seem broke. Whereas the cattle, hogs, sheep, etc., got to ride first class and arrive early enough to get the most choice of stalls. Being an optimist and proud of my exhibits, it was...

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Financing “Pork Texas”

Pork Texas represents a movement within the pork industry, much like that of the National Pork Producers Council back in the mid-60’s. It was all just talk until somebody actually pulled out their checkbook and put their money where their mouth was. It was when Roy Keppy slapped his big hand on the conference table where we were all assembled as industry leaders, when he said, “It starts with me — right now.” With that said, he pulled out his checkbook and wrote out a check for $5,000.00. That was a lot of money back then, but before that...

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Learning the Difference From the Best: the Late Roy Keppy

(Dedicated to Roy Keppy, treasured friend, and mentor) The best mentor I ever had in the pork business was the late Roy Keppy. He taught me the difference between what the “radicals” are proposing and reality. Having worked side by side with Roy, both in the show ring and on the farm, I can assure you some of these atrocious welfare protesters would change their mind if they would had spent just one day with him. I learned firsthand what it was like to clean, disinfect, and sanitize an individual confined farrowing crate versus rotating A-frame huts to green...

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This Is No Bull

Remember when you were a kid and liked to play cowboy? There isn’t a boy who grew up on a farm or ranch that didn’t play out his fantasies of being Roy Rogers, Gabby Hayes or the like. I think I played them all, but on one occasion I brought a little bit too much reality into the picture. My friend and I saddled up our ponies and headed for the pasture. With rope in hand, we approached the herd, quietly grazing about a half mile from home. Little did we know that amongst this herd of cows was...

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