New this year from Krone North America: BaleCollect. This new bale accumulator enables faster bale pick-up—collecting up to 3 bales together (5 bales with the Krone BiG Pack 890 baler). It’s a perfect fit for the high-productivity-minded hay producer who is looking for faster baling and collecting more bales per hour.

This new bale accumulator also features the exclusive Krone telescoping drawbar for safer, easier transport—at speeds up to 30 mph—setting it apart from competitor’s bale accumulators. This industry-first, telescoping drawbar breaks the connection between the bale accumulator and the baler, allowing the accumulator to track behind the baler like a second trailer. Thus, the operator enjoys improved in-line trailering while turning corners and during transport. And there is no bouncing because the brake on the Krone BiG Pack baler has been designed to handle the extra weight from this bale accumulator.

Here’s how BaleCollect works.

  • In the field, the hydraulic drawbar is retracted and the bale accumulator runs in line with the bale chamber. When a bale leaves the bale chamber and moves on to the BaleCollect, it passes over a detecting sensor which signals to push the bale to the side. The next bale is then pushed to the other side. Once the third bale arrives on the bale accumulator, all bales are pushed off the machine together.
  • In transport position, the sides fold on to the table, thus reducing transport width to just under 10 feet, with a transport length of just under 13 feet. The bale accumulator pulls like a second trailer behind the Krone BiG Pack Baler, a big advantage when traveling around bends or through narrow gates.
  • Weighing system: BaleCollect features a weighting system, which captures and stores the weight of each bale on the machine.