Technology abounds in agriculture – variable rate fertilizer applications, auto steering, precision planting, GPS spraying and harvesting, just to name a few. Managing your stored grain now offers some exciting new technology as well.

A producer can monitor stored grain without leaving the house or from any location connected to the web. Tri-States Grain Conditioning, Inc., headquartered in Spirit Lake, Iowa, now offers two wireless systems that can make monitoring stored grain easier and faster than getting that second cup of coffee.

Using TSGC temperature cables to give a complete temperature profile of their bins, producers will be able to monitor their grain more efficiently and with greater accuracy than ever before.

The SafeTrack Wireless Grain Temperature Monitoring System can be programmed to take temperatures and save them for later viewing automatically. Grain depth, approximate bushels, and automated exhaust fan operation functions are also available. Temperature history reports are also available to be printed out.

Each bin can be set to specific temperature parameters to accommodate various crops. Instead of taking two to three hours for a large operation, reading temperatures can be done in just minutes.

This wireless system utilizes line of sight (up to 1 mile) radio communication between the bins and the base transmitter to monitor temperatures from TSGC temperature cables (as well as grain depth). It requires power at the transmitter location on the bin, and may be run either manually or automatically, locally or over the network/Internet, for anytime, anywhere monitoring.

Another option is the GrainTRAC Remote Bin Monitoring System. This system utilizes a cell phone modem to transfer data from the TSGC temperature cables to an internet website, The producer is assigned a username and a password to ensure privacy. Once logged onto the website, the producer can view a graphical display of his temperatures or a numerical display. Temperature parameters (minimum and maximum) are set for each bin, as well as

Once logged onto the website, the producer can view a graphical display of his temperatures or a numerical display. Temperature parameters (minimum and maximum) are set for each bin, as well as rate of rise temperature over a designated time period. Temperature history reports are available for print out.

Options include remote fan start/stop and a weather station with features such as temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and rain measurement. Alerts are sent via email or text message.

The requirements for the GrainTRAC system include temperature cables, cell phone coverage at the bin site and electrical power. An annual access fee to the internet website is charged a small, per year minimum.

Convenience is the selling point of this system because a producer can monitor his grain temperatures from anywhere via the web.

Either of these wireless systems will save you time and money while providing peace of mind about the actual condition of your
grain. Knowing your grain temperatures, while watching for changes, is the only safe way to monitor the condition of your grain.

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GrainTRAC Remote Bin Monitoring System removes the guess work from grain storage. GrainTRAC reads and sends temperature data to a secure web page. Remotely read your Tri-States Grain Conditioning temperature cables from any computer with Internet access. GrainTRAC gives you the ability to monitor all your bins on a daily basis without driving, climbing or keeping hand written notes.

  • Temperature cables that are installed in the bin connect to the GrainTRAC sensor board.
  • Readings are taken four times daily to collect timely temperature data.
  • GrainTRAC gives you the ability to read current and past readings, generate reports, and view easy to read graphs. It includes user configurable alarms that identify the beginning of heat activity.
  • GrainTRAC can pay for itself by reducing risk and improving grain quality while reducing labor and energy costs. With better management tools, you will be able to sell grain consistently closer to standard moisture content.

SafeTrack Wireless Grain Temperature Monitoring System is a complete solution for monitoring commodity temperatures. The SafeTracksystem provides simple, accurate and fast grain monitoring. Data analyzing, reporting and archiving is quick and easy.

  • A clean and simple interface makes scanning your bins effortless.
  • Easy to read graphics show status and problems at-a-glance.
  • Run SafeTrack manually or automatically, locally or over the network/ Internet for anytime, anywhere monitoring.
  • Significantly reduce installation costs by using radios to link the Remote Scanner to your PC.
  • Connect temperature cables to a Remote Scanner and begin monitoring right away.
  • SafeTrack Remote Scanners easily adapt to most existing temperature cable systems.