Several Midwest agricultural retailers are partnering in a new business. CommoditAg™ is an easy-to-use online ordering platform utilizing an extensive network of local warehouses offering high-quality agriculture products at low prices direct to your farm. With easy pick-up and delivery services, customers no longer have to wait to get what they need before going to the field. is now live and accepting orders.

The unique offering enabled by the CommoditAg platform allows farmers to buy at a lower cost because we operate on simplicity. We’ve eliminated returns, exchanges, buy-backs, and resprays. We’ve even eliminated the color from our logo to save money! By focusing on making sure farmers have the crop protection products they need, CommoditAg provides the prices farmers want. Initially, CommoditAg will offer crop protection and plant nutrition products online. CommoditAg will also provide low-cost seed options in the near future. Plans for expansion of product lines are underway.

“As the agriculture industry continues to evolve, we are partnering with the most well-recognized names in ag retail to ensure farmers have exactly what they need from people they can trust. The easy-to-use CommoditAg online ordering and payment system is a great cost-saving way to get the solid field and farm products customers need at a value,” says Ryan Wermert, CommoditAg’s Chief Strategy Officer.

The CommoditAg network is comprised of a consortium of large ag retailers developing a modern solution for farmers while maintaining the traditions of generations that have built our nation’s agriculture industry.

By harnessing the collective power of its infrastructure, CommoditAg is introducing a new, unparalleled, agriculture supply chain model backed with the expertise and experience that farmers expect from companies they know and trust. The CommoditAg network allows for convenient local pick-up or direct delivery options based on the farmer’s location. The CommoditAg inventory control system will tell farmers exactly what products are available for pre-order or on-demand when and where you need them.