USM Wear Tech recently launched a new line of ripper points, designed to penetrate and break up the soil. A leading is edge is configured to decrease wear and reduce drag while providing superior performance.

“The design of the USM Wear Tech rippers set us apart from other manufacturers’ tillage tools. Rippers undergo much wear as they impact soil and are in need of periodic replacement. Our ripper points are designed to cleanly and efficiently engage the soil,” said Loran Balvanz, president, and CEO at USM Wear Tech.

Balvanz continued, “The result is less drag in the field that can cut your fuel consumption and you can work at faster speeds in the field with minimal wear. USM Wear Tech strategically places a Tungsten Carbide weld matrix in key wear areas of the tool, resulting in a device that is longer lasting, giving you superior performance!”

The USM Stealth Rippers are proven to last three times longer than standard rippers, according to Balvanz. “Our Stealth Ripper with Replaceable Wing allows the end user to customize the wing size of the ripper to target specific purposes.”

Replaceable wings are available in 5”, 7”, and 9” lengths.

For a limited time, USM Wear Tech is offering their ripper points at a pre-season discount of up to 15% off through September 30th.

Call 800-800-1812 for more information.