Baumalight’s Undertow Tile Drainage Plow offers a long-lasting and cost-effective solution to water drainage challenges. This heavy-duty attachment can reward you with healthier fields, improved crop productivity, and exceptional water management, without the expense and hassle of hiring a contractor to do the job. It’s a powerful tool, paying dividends for years and generations to come.

The Undertow works by harnessing the power of your tractor. It features a laser-guided plowing action and level grading capability with double linkage. Pulling the Undertow is easy and requires only minimal preparation and set up. Once this is done, you will have control of the process and can take advantage of the short window of time when soil conditions are optimal for installing the tiles.

During the tile installation process, the leading-edge design of the Undertow ensures dependable grade control even while plowing to a depth of five feet. Featuring excellent visibility and versatile maneuvering, the Undertow plow can handle a variety of soil conditions and pulls consistently hard through the ground.

From reclaiming non-productive farmland because of inadequate water drainage to increasing the value of the land you currently work, the Undertow provides you with a tool for professional and economical water drainage results.