The Bale Baron from Marcrest Manufacturing does the work of three balers with just one small bale packaging system. The self-propelled system is both versatile and powerful, helping operations increase their bale production, all without the need to use a tractor.

“Taking the time to hook up a baler to the tractor, then do the baling work, adds unnecessary delays to the baling process,” said a Marcrest manufacturing spokesperson. “We wanted to provide a faster option with a self-propelled, self-contained option, which is the Bale Baron.”

The Bale Barron is powered by a 173 HP engine with an in-field pickup speed of 12 MPH. The self-propelled unit grabs and packs small bales, effectively keeping up with three small balers. At maximum speed and capacity, it can pack 1100 bales per hour. It also has a 13.5-foot turning radius to reduce time waste.

The Bale Baron was designed with comfort, performance and serviceability in mind.  It has a reversible feature that releases jammed bales from the cab and can reach up to 30 MPH on the road. When service is needed, the full engine can be accessed from the side, and it has a full catwalk on top to allow full access to the entire baler.

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