With E-Z Trail’s new Lickety Split hay hauler, farmers can now unload up to 18 bales of hay quickly, and return to the field for more. The new design features two side-by-side 37-inch cradles that use no hydraulics or electronics. This means they can unload their hay bales and spring right back into the latch position in moments for fast unloading, ready to head back into the field.

“Hydraulics and electronics are helpful in agriculture,” said a E-Z Trail spokesperson, “but sometimes they make things more complicated than they need to be. In the case of the Lickety Split Hay Hauler, we’ve made it as simple as possible, so our customers can upload quickly and get back to the field for more.”

The Lickety Split is fully adjustable. Farmers can adjust the cradle width and spacing distance between the cradles. This allows the farmer to fit round and square bales of different sizes, all while maintaining the overall width of the hauler. The Lickety Split Hay Hauler is available in two styles, the All-Wheel-Steer and the Gooseneck model.