Lundell Plastics recently introduced an enhanced version of their popular FreeFlo Dry Inoculator. Lundell’s Dry Inoculator accurately meters dry materials such as talc, graphite and inoculants onto seed while filling planters. Since many of Lundell employees are farmers themselves, there is great opportunity for product testing before they reach market.

“We test all of our products in the field to ensure that we are putting a quality product out there,” said engineer Matt Roeder. “It was through these trials that we figured out a way to speed up production and provide a more consistent final product.”

The Dry Inoculator’s drive unit housing was formerly assembled from separate components which allowed for tolerances to add up. Moving to a molded, one-piece drive unit has not only led to increased production speeds, but also improved performance. Roeder went on to say, “It’s no secret that our inoculator helps increase planting accuracy as well as speeding up the planter filling process; we’ve just taken a great product, and made it even better.”

The inoculator takes the guesswork out of distributing seed lubricants and inoculants and provides more consistent results. Lundell also offers a wireless remote that when paired with the inoculator allows growers to start and stop their auger or conveyor simultaneously with the inoculator.