Hustler Equipment introduces the Chainless X2000 and Chainless X2400 round and square bale feeders. Hustler equipment guarantees these feeders will be a real game-changer in labor and hay savings and are a huge leap forward in versatility and ease of use for livestock producers.

The Chainless X2000 is their workhorse model for 3-point hitch mounting and is friendly on the wallet, and the Chainless X2400 for both 3-point hitch or loader mounting and offers the ultimate in versatility. Both models utilize Hustler’s new X Series bale chamber design, which the company says has proven to be a breakthrough for reliably feeding any bale shape, size, density, chop length, forage type and moisture level, without clogging, plugging or destroying the highly nutritional leaves.

The new design allows farmers to feed livestock without entering their paddock, eliminating the need to open gates, and providing a safer working environment.

“We’ve pushed the boundaries in versatility and labor savings to levels never experienced before,” said Brent Currie, speaking on behalf of Hustler Equipment. “The feeders take the place of a conventional bale feeder, processor, roller, trough feeder and a tub grinder in one ultra-compact self-loading machine. As one of our development testers says, ‘Love the new feeder – my wife wanted to weld it to the tractor!’”