The Tile Trench Grader from HFL Fabricating can fill the trenches left behind from tile machines in just two passes. This means less time and fuel to have perfectly graded trenches with the right amount of soil so that they that fill beautifully when rained on.

“Farmers are constantly wasting time and fuel by going over and over their tile trenches to get them to a proper height,” said an HFL Fabricating spokesperson. “We wanted to create a grader that would allow the same work to be done, in less time, and thus the Tile Trench Grader was born.”

The Tile Trench Grader fits both Category 2 and Category 3 quick hitches. The heavy-duty construction is designed to withstand both rocks and other hard debris, and it has no moving parts to be damaged in the hard work of trench grading.

With the new Tile Trench Grader, HFL Fabricating added a wheel carry system, which allows the device to be towed by pick up from one location to the next, without the need to use a trailer. A rack for the concrete block weight and a replaceable bolt on the grader blade at the bottom round out the features of the new Tile Trench Grader.