Every minute counts during planting, and with the 1200 LidLift from Yetter Farm Equipment, the task of filling planter boxes and checking seed levels takes less time with less effort.

“The LidLift is a simple attachment to the hopper that makes filling individual row units easier,” said Andy Thompson, Yetter territory manager. “The seed box lids open with the turn of a knob, and they also lock down, so there’s no need to worry about losing lids when planters are on the move.”

Installing the LidLift is quick and easy. It fits most planter models with individual planter boxes. The LidLift can be used with an existing air source or by installing an air source on the planter.

The 1200 LidLift also features a quick-release latch for row-meter service, allowing detachment of the lid if needed. The latching mechanism locks down the lids until they are released manually or pneumatically, ensuring lids stay in place during transport and planting.