Feeding hay without opening gates or tearing up fields appeals to producers. Pequea’s Fence Line Bunk Feeder offers a solution.  It can also save you time and money since one person can feed the herd with this system.

The Fence Line Bunk Feeder can accommodate growth in your operation. It works with existing corrals and fencing and is modular by design so you can add more units as needed. The feeders connect together with ease of connecting couplers. Each unit has four wide feet for stability. Water drain holes on both ends assist with keeping moisture at bay.

Pequea builds their feeders tough, using 12-gauge steel with reinforced bracing for added strength. The inside lip backs up to another lip, increasing sturdiness. This double lip helps prevent feed from waste. The feeders are 38″ wide by 58″ tall, with two lengths available. The 10′ model has seven feed openings, and a 12′ model has eight feed openings.

Modular means you can add on as your operation grows. Pictured above are four 10′ units connected together, which will easily accommodate up to 28 cattle. Pictured below are just a few more noteworthy features of the Pequea Fence Line Bunk Feeder.