USM Wear Tech has extended their Caden Edge® technology to include wheel track sweeps. The Caden Edge® patented technology infuses tungsten carbide into the tillage wear part. This creates a tough, extended life treatment of three to five times longer. Caden Edge® has been field tested and has received documented university testing.

Caden Edge® wheel track sweeps helps complete seedbed preparation for greater weed control. You can meet the short tillage window before seeding. You can get your planter in the field sooner. You also save the downtime it takes changing sweeps.

Producer Steve Luther [Stine Seeds] commented on his experience with the wheel track sweeps. “Three field cultivators, 8,000 acres accelerated speeds and one set of sweeps that are still good for next year.”

Caden Edge® sweeps are available to fit many makes and models of machines. They are perfect for placement in the wheel track. USM Wear Tech can also apply Caden Edge® to your existing sweeps.