Neeralta Manufacturing’s new grain bag extractor unloads 9 to 12-foot wide grain bags and wraps and ties the plastic into a handy bale for easy disposal, all in one easy operation.

“The new extractor is available in both the trailer and three-point hitch models,” says John Wierenga, Sales and Marketing Specialist for the family-owned business. “It’s the same machine, but is available in two transport models depending on a farmer’s needs,” he says. “Each unit comes with a self-contained hydraulic pump and reservoir, so it is easily handled by a 90HP tractor. It doesn’t take much power to run it.”

The extractor that works with 9, 10 and 12-foot diameter bags can load a truck at up to 150 bushels per minute.

A unique feature of this extractor is the plastic wrapping mechanism that is all part of the extraction machine. Wierenga says, “You don’t have to buy a separate bag wrapper or come back later after a bag is empty, and may be all wet and muddy. With this machine, you put the auger into the face of the grain of an open bag and as the grain is moved into a truck, the machine automatically wraps the plastic and ties it with baler twine.”

Once the plastic is wrapped, the hydraulic spool holding the bundle opens, the plastic bale rolls down a conveyor, gently dropping into the bed of a pickup truck. Wierenga commented, “It is a very slick operation and there is virtually no cleanup afterward. The bag is gone and you may have four or five pails of grain to pick up. It is very clean.”

The extractor and wrapper can handle up to a 300-foot-long grain bag. Each unit also features an auger with adjustable height, and the unloading auger has a swivel spout. Trailer models also feature hydraulic drive wheels and hydraulic steering.

The extractor units compliment the Neeralta grain-bagging system introduced a few years ago. The company makes 10- and 12-foot-wide grain baggers, which features a self-contained 14-inch swing auger. Each unit has a hopper for unloading a combine or grain cart directly into the bagger, or the swing auger can be rolled out in a couple minutes to reach under a truck with a hopper bottom.