Combining a powerful, hammermill with a high capacity, blower fan, Art’s Way’s new Hammer Blower is a versatile machine that can grind high moisture shelled or ear corn and blow the mixture up into a silo or bunk too. It can grind dry corn through a 1/8-inch screen directly into a truck with virtually no dust.

Providing further flexibility, the Hammer Blower has a vent adjustment that allows changing between silo feeding and bagging.
Processing shell or ear corn improves kernel digestibility, especially when kernels are mature. Processors also break the cobs to increase cob consumption. The crushing process also improves silo compaction, allowing for increased capacity.

Combining a mill with a blower is an ideal setup because it can process the corn before blowing it into silos or bags.

Corn goes into a hopper in the back of the Hammer Blower and then up through an auger before dropping into the powerful hammermill. From there, the ground corn is sent through the 42-inch blower fan where the vent can be adjusted to either go up a tube to the silo or to a bagging operation.

The Hammer Blower has a capacity of 1-ton per minute. It has the capability to reach the tallest silos. Powered by a tractor PTO, both the hammermill and the blower operate at 1000 rpm and require a minimum of 80 hp.