Spray a little bit of spray lubricant on a paper towel to clean grease and tar stains off of your tile floors. Seems like the folks working in the shop always manage to bring some of that ‘stuff’ in on their shoes at meal times.


I see old barbecue grills tossed in the dump every year about this time and it’s a big waste. They can be reworked into a rolling shop cart with just a little bit of work. First, take out the firebox part and then put in a sheet of metal to cover the bottom of the grill. You now have a nice ‘rolling tool chest’ to help you when you have to work over some of that machinery over winter. It sure makes it easier for me anyway. I just gather up all the tools I think I will need and then roll it into place. Sure saves me from having to have to stop and search for something each time I need to take out a bolt or a screw. (And, a lot of them have flip down covers to protect tools from rain/snow, etc.)  –tip submitted by KL, NM


I was gone for a good while this fall and when I went to read the electric meter, it was the same as before, and I had been gone for 15 days. I called the electric company and discovered that the meter was broken. I didn’t realize it because it was behind the barbecue, was locked, and there was no way for me to read it. Lesson learned – check the meter to make sure it is working properly or it will cost you more money.  –tip submitted by SS, SD


Mix together 2 cups cheap hair conditioner, 3 cups of white vinegar and 6 cups of water. Whisk to combine and use in place of the commercial fabric softeners. I found it works just as well, is a lot cheaper, and there’s less chance of allergies from the chemicals found in the store bought stuff.   –tip submitted by VW, MN


If you mix together two parts white glue and one part vinegar, you can paint the backs of pictures cut from old greeting cards or magazines, etc.

Let the pictures completely dry until they are flat. You can then put them in a nicely decorated envelope along with some plain paper and some colored markers and let the kids ‘lick and stick’ to their hearts’ content. They can make pictures and posters for Mom and grandma’s refrigerators. This is a fun and inexpensive gift!   –tip submitted by NM, MN


Our teachers work so hard – especially around the holidays with the Christmas programs, stories, songs and skits, that they don’t have much time to make goodies for their own families. When my children were small, we made cookie baskets and candy baskets, others made cinnamon rolls, breads and pies for the teachers’ gifts so they had some goodies, too.