A telecom executive and a grower cooperative and IBM are coming together to create a new set of digital ag tools.


The Grower Information Services Cooperative (GiSC) is a farmer-owned cooperative storage system for data that offers cloud-based data capture software. The telecom exec is Ronald LeMay, who along with being the former CEO of FarmLink, GoGo Inflight Internet Services, Japan Telecom, and Sprint PCS, is also the founder of Main Street Data.

LeMay and Mainstreet Data have spent the last eight years collecting yield data from 350 combines in more than 26 states. The company claims to have the “largest and highest-quality dataset of corn, soybean ,and wheat yields, as well as related naturally-occurring variables at the granular resolution of 150 square feet” — all with the goal of giving growers new benchmarking tools, allowing them to compare their yields with historical data and calculated potential for their particular fields.

“Unless you collect data on the breadth that we collected it, you can’t do what we do,” LeMay told AgFunderNews.