Properly containing cattle for branding, vaccinations and even horn measurement is an important part of any cattle ranch, but many squeeze chutes create anxiety in the animal or pose a risk for broken horns or legs. The BRY Side Squeeze Chute, the top squeeze for long horned cattle owners in the United States, offers a solution that provides secure containment with minimal risk. The chute works well for Texas Longhorns, Watusi, Scottish Highland, Yaks and other similar cattle or polled livestock.

The BRY is uniquely designed to have no parallel vertical or horizontal horn and leg traps. This means the cattle can safely enter the chute and be fully confined, without risk. It has a horizontal easy in, easy out design that carefully guides the cow or bull in to full confinement, without undue stress.

“One of the most important features of the BRY,” said a company spokesperson, “is the fact that the BRY allows the cattle to be contained with their feet on dirt, not steel or wood. This keeps the cattle content and feeling secure, for a better overall process for both cattle and owner.”

In addition, the BRY is adjustable to fit cows, bulls and calves securely, making it the only chute that works for the largest bulls and the smallest calves safely. It has two horizontal side openings to allow access to the shoulder or rump for branding and vaccinations. It connects to any permanent corral system using six bolts and folds against the corral fence when not in use. The design of the chute means that no horn spread is too wide for safe handling. With an affordable price of $1600 delivered, it is the safest and one of the most affordable squeeze chutes on the market.

We have used the BRY numerous times. It makes working with our cows very easy. Our vet, who originally was not experienced with longhorns until he started working with our herd, is impressed with how quick and easy ,vaccinations and other procedures go.

Although it’s best using two people, I have managed on my own to separate calves from cows when weaning and getting a halter on the calf. We had priced out trying to build something on our own, but the BRY has proven to be cost efficient. It certainly has made our cattle operation more effective.

–Judi Paloncy, Indiana