My daughter (Pam) and I were sitting in the Doctor’s office waiting for her name to be called. As we sat there visiting, we made a point of acknowledging the gentleman sitting next to us. He was a gregarious sort of guy that seemed to have more than a passing interest in our conversation.

We were commenting on a magazine article that was focused on “Is the glass half-empty or half-full?”. He had a unique take on the concept and didn’t hesitate to expound upon his theory.

He was quick to point out that if you ever look at the glass as half-empty, you may as well as haven’t even looked, as you will see no hope. A half-full glass would give no more hope than one that is empty. And if your perception of fullness is based on an illusion, it will crash on the emptiness of reality.

Taken to another level, it has since helped to explain the trouble I got into when I was a little boy – sent to get a bag of groceries. The bag was half-full, half-empty, full, and empty – all in the same trip.

The trip to the grocery store was most unique, as part of our farm was located in the city limits. This wasn’t a very big town, and my Dad (Harland) was mayor. So it wasn’t like walking across town, crossing intersections, and looking out for traffic, and changing lights. But there were other obstacles – like a crabby woman who ran the grocery store, a tempting ditch full of spring water to play in, and a stray puppy that always wanted to be my buddy.

Being ahead of my time (5 years old) these weren’t even challenges to a guy of my stature. You see, there was a one-room country school house just across the road from our farm, and the school marm lived with us. This was before the days of kindergarten. K-12 was an unknown nomenclature. So as unintentional as it might have been, this teacher would drag me to school every day and make me learn right along with the other kids.

It doesn’t really matter how much schooling you have in life, there are just some temptations that are irresistible – and most of them will get you into big trouble, as did this one. I sat the bag of groceries down on the side of the road and proceeded to play. Without ever noticing, the dog ran off with my bag of groceries – the crabby 01’ lady had witnessed all this – and I was soon in deep —T. This isn’t unusual down on the farm, but under theses circumstances it was serious. With one hand on my ear and the other on a fresh bag of groceries I learned the meaning of; Is The Bag Half-Full or Half-Empty?

Heb 6:11– And we desire that each one of you show the same diligence to the fully assured glass of hope until the end.
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