After a lengthy hospital stay, under the care of the Mayo Clinic, I came to realize that the “medical field” is more about people than it is about medicine. Like the fields of any other kind of production, the yields will be in direct relationship with human input and individual decisions.

It takes a great medical team to accomplish the life changing experience of revived life, and there would be no way to express this sentiment to each and every individual that participated. The care and compassion of the nursing staff was unbelievable, but one in particular will probably never be forgotten, as she beamed with agriculture and spoke my language like that of a seasoned marketing expert.
When Elles Niessen spoke about her life back on the second largest dairy farm in Indiana, there was more to this lady than just milk and cows. She is an attractive individual that conveys achievement to the core of her very being, so I was most pleased to meet this special lady and have the honor of being her first patient, as she began her nursing training at Mayo.
Elles and her family are from the Netherlands, further contributing to her many unique qualities. So, it was no surprise to hear that she is the reigning “Dairy Princess” for the state of Indiana. This is perhaps just the tip of the iceberg, regarding her many accomplishments. I’m looking forward to meeting her again in hopes of putting together a feature article for the Knightro Report.
My good friend (Darrell Cruea) – Mr. Agriculture, had the pleasure of meeting her while visiting me in the hospital. He was fascinated with Elles, and went on to say that there’s a woman we’ll hear more about from the “platform of agriculture”.
I’m sure Darrell is right, as she is a “people person” and understands the value of relationships. She gives teamwork a new meaning, and will make a great contribution to her chosen vocation, and continued interests of passion.
I wish her well in all her future endeavors and feel that I’m a better person for having met her. Thanks to her and her nursing associates, I will be forever grateful for the care that I received at Mayo. So sayeth the Lord: Psalm 41:3 The Lord will strengthen him on his bed of illness; you will sustain him on his sickbed
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