Day Honors Supporters of Helping Farm and Ranch Families Through Farm Rescue

Farm Rescue, a nonprofit organization that provides planting, harvesting or haying assistance free of charge to farm and ranch families who have experienced a major illness, injury or natural disaster, has received an annual day of recognition by National Day Calendar, an organization that tracks nearly 1,500 National Days throughout the year. Beginning in 2017, “National Farm Rescuer Day” will be observed annually on the third Thursday of March, with this year’s date falling on March 16th.

National Farm Rescuer Day provides a specific day to remember and celebrate all past, present and future supporters of Farm Rescue’s mission, whether through sponsorships, donations or volunteer work. Farm Rescue and its “Angels-in-Blue” volunteers strive to provide rescue blessings to farm and ranch families in need. Having this unique day of recognition is a means of spreading this altruistic mission to a nationwide audience.

Farm Rescue appreciates this opportunity to thank its family of supporters, but also hopes to use this day to encourage others to help in some way. National Farm Rescuer Day will promote supporting Farm Rescue through donating, volunteering, hosting a fundraiser or sharing the mission of Farm Rescue on social media, using the hashtag #BeAFarmRescuer.

“We are thankful to be awarded National Farm Rescuer Day by National Day Calendar,” said Bill Gross, Founder/President, Farm Rescue. “This national day embodies the compassion, generosity and spirit of Good Samaritans throughout America who step forward to lend a helping hand to a farm family during a time of unexpected crisis. It is a call-to-action for all those who value and support our patriotic mission to become a Farm Rescuer by donating, volunteering or simply raising awareness through social media.”

“National Day Calendar is honored to proclaim National Farm Rescuer Day,” said Marlo Anderson, Founder of National Day Calendar. “This National Day signifies the importance of the people that feed the world and the value of community and cooperation.”