The pork industry continues to get bombarded by animal rights activists and healthier consumer advocates who want the pork produced as Mother Nature intended. This demand presents an investment opportunity that begs for attention.

As I was watching national TV news the other night, I was shocked to hear of yet another major player in the pork industry succumbing to the pressures of animal rights fanatics. Hormel announced that it would no longer accept hogs from one of their major suppliers in Oklahoma because of inhumane treatment of hogs. The pig farm had been under surveillance by an animal rights group for some time. The undercover video revealed inhumane treatment such as castration, tail docking, teeth clipping without the use of a pain inhibitor such as Novocain.

These are standard preventive care procedures of Animal Husbandry 101 — taught at Ag schools and universities across the entire country. They are necessary procedures that are carried out in volume in the most humane way possible.

To suggest that such animal husbandry procedures be done in a sterile assimilated medical, veterinary clinic that would meet the standards of mainstream surgical procedures would not only be cost-prohibitive, but it would eliminate pork as a competitive meat product. This is such extreme vetting, far removed from common sense that it begs the rationale of understanding the difference between animals and humans.

If only we held some people in such high regard. In a country that has become so volatile, and at war with one another, don’t we have greater concerns than the questionable mistreatment of livestock? And to quantify the comparison of a pet with red meat production is absurd.

The video went on to show confinement farrowing crates as inhumane, while in fact when managed properly they are more humane than most alternative methods. However, they’re expensive, as is any confinement method of production. The cost of production is a greater issue than that of animal rights concern.

This is where Pork Texas becomes the answer to all of these problems of production methods and expense. Pork Texas not only offers the lowest cost of production alternative but it in the most humane way of possibly producing pork. It reduces overhead per animal unit by more than half, while at the same time meeting the demands of animal rights activists and free-range natural pork production.

At issue is not only the growing demand for organic labeled pork but a system that is naturally in compliance with USDA organic standards. Certification is a natural by-product of the Pork Texas concept of pork production.

Pork produced by Pork Texas will be high in demand by those who now reject the conventional methods of production. They will be in a position to meet the compliance regulations of every fast food chain in America, and retail outlets alike. No longer will there be outcries of inhumane and adulterated pork suppliers.

The Pork Texas method of production seems so common sense, and in harmony with the American consumer, that one has to wonder why it has taken so long to harness the forces of mother nature to produce America’s meat of choice. Pork continues to grow in demand as it becomes more price competitive and versatile than other meats.

Anything that will enhance the production of pork, even more competitively, is nearly a risk-free investment. To take cheap wasteland and convert it into a highly productive venture, is an investment opportunity that rivals the most sought after investments in this country.

If you’re an investor looking for a greater return on your investment, look no further than Pork Texas. It’s a concept that is not only in its infancy, but it’s the future of the pork industry. It not only reduces the cost of production but it answers all of the demands of the American consumer. Be a part of this brand if you want to be a part of the future of pork production.

Land has always been a sound investment. It’s a built-in hedge against the risk of the expendable forces of man (brick and mortar). Land doesn’t die, shrink, or get sick — it simply defies the powers of man. And when you do it in Texas, Mother Nature smiles favorably on everything that is done in the outdoors. Simply the hand of God producing what man has ignored for far too long.

The answer to pork production has been right there in front of us. To make it happen, just contact Kevin Bottke at [email protected] or 8l7-262-0621.

This excellent 10 minute video lays the groundwork for creating a sustainable pork farm. Since this video was produced there has been even more interest and dedication to making this production model the way of the future.