No doubt, as you gear up for spring, available equipment and coordinating fieldwork, fertilizer and crop protection applications have your attention — almost as much as the weather forecast. That’s why Case IH designed the new Trident 5550 liquid/dry combination applicator to give you the ultimate in flexibility.

The Trident 5550 is a single-chassis applicator that quickly converts — in as few as 42 minutes — from liquid to dry and back to liquid, making it a valuable piece of equipment you can rely on preplant, in-crop and postharvest.

As the industry’s fastest-converting combination applicator on a row crop chassis, the Trident 5550 gives you the flexibility in a single piece of equipment to meet the early spring demands of fertilizer applications and preplant weed control. But the growing season doesn’t end there, and neither should the usefulness of your application equipment. So, we engineered the Trident 5550 combination applicator from the ground up to be changed from liquid to dry and back again throughout three seasons of use.

Get more from your row crops

You devote significant time scrutinizing and selecting the corn hybrids and soybean varieties best suited for your farm. Timely weed and pest control and spoon-feeding nutrients help those selections achieve their full yield potential. Here’s one scenario that shows how the Trident 5550 can fit your cropping program before, during and after the growing season:

Season 1 — Outfitted with the New Leader® NL4500T G4 Edge variable rate dry nutrient applicator, wrap up dry fertilizer applications remaining from the previous fall, and then quickly switch to the liquid system.

Season 2 — Preplant, pre-emerge or postemerge, protect valuable crops from all types of pests — weeds, insects and fungi. Switch back to the dry applicator, if desired, for topdress fertilizer applications.

Season 3 — Follow the combines with postharvest fertilizer applications.

Stay nimble with cereals

From winter wheat to double-cropping soybeans to hard red spring wheat, here’s just one example how the Trident 5550 combination applicator can help you stay ahead of each crop’s unique challenges:

Season 1 — Make in-crop pesticide applications; apply nitrogen later in the season to boost protein levels.

Season 2 — Make postharvest burndown applications before planting double-crop soybeans. Convert to the NL4500T G4 Edge variable rate dry nutrient applicator and apply dry fertilizer postharvest; switch back to the liquid system.

Season 3 — Preserve valuable soil moisture with chem-fallow burndown applications ahead of winter wheat seeding or to maintain clean fields until winter, setting them up for spring planting and seeding.

ABOVE: The Trident 5550 liquid/dry combination applicator is the industry’s fastest-converting combination applicator on a row crop chassis.