Do your silage bales have tears, letting in oxygen, or has your silage film been damaged while sheeting up? Silostop – an oxygen barrier technology company – has developed a handy solution for these problems.

The Silostop patch is a tough vinyl repair solution. Measuring 4” by 6”, it has a strong solvent adhesive that keeps it in place, and is supplied in easy-to-tear-off strips.

“Oxygen is the enemy when making silage or haylage, as it causes DM losses and deterioration in silage quality. Every effort must be made to stop oxygen from entering the ensiled crop,” stated Jennifer Hitchman, Silostop technical manager.

The company stresses the need to reduce the risk of physical damage to the plastic film when used on a clamp or around a bale, either by using the Silostop anti-UV net, or the Silostop open net on the top. This helps prevent bird or rodent damage, both common causes of holes appearing in the film.

“It’s important to check your film for holes over the winter feeding period. One of the common reasons for tears in bales is puncturing the plastic when the bale is picked up and moved – it’s well worth checking bales for damage after they’ve been wrapped and stacked, or after you’ve moved them. This stops you from realizing you have a problem later,” stated Hitchman.