CordexAgri introduces Maxxcord®, a premium quality polypropylene baler twine that is the ultimate solution for High Density large square balers.  Maxxcord® is produced with an exclusive technology that makes it the only “knotter-friendly” twine in the market that runs smoothly in all HD balers, “holding the heaviest, densest bales without problems.”   

Cordex has over 40 years of twine manufacturing expertise and its continual investment in cutting-edge next-generation equipment has resulted in the new Maxxcord® Baler Twine. With Maxxcord®, hay producers and custom balers will have the strongest and least abrasive HD baler twine ever produced.

“The new HD balers coming into the market today can generate extremely high chamber pressures,” says David Hart, Cordex’s UK field development engineer. “This creates a challenge for twine manufactures to create a very high tensile strength twine without it being too thick and bulky to run through the knotter,” says Hart. 

Maxxcord® Knot-Tec™ technology has been developed to produce a compact high strength twine without the bulk that causes knotter problems described by Hart.

Maxxcord® is a revolutionary, high knot performance twine that ensures trouble-free tying, less maintenance costs and less damage and abrasion to the knotters.  Maxxcord’s distinct high visibility pink color makes bales easily recognizable with relation to the producer and identifies their bales.