Carlisle new line expands the branded tire portfolio by introducing six new tread patterns with bead diameters ranging from 16 inches to 54 inches and includes both radial and bias tires.

“The Carlisle brand of tires has a long history in the agriculture market with our robust line of semipneumatic and pneumatic tires,” said Ashish Goel, Executive Vice President of Marketing at the Carlstar Group. “With this large diameter expansion in our portfolio, we are now able to offer customers a complete line of agricultural tires.

In addition to a robust portfolio of Agricultural equipment solutions, the Carlstar Group is set to exhibit performance tires for ATV/utility vehicles, tractors, lawn equipment, and trailers that help farmers accomplish their daily work safely and efficiently.

“Our treads are not only turf-friendly and hard working with increased traction, but are also ideal for traditional crop activities, said Goel. “We pride ourselves on developing product solutions that work as hard as our customers do. And when it comes to our farm solutions, we know that performance, durability and peace of mind are critical components to our product offering.”