Those Who Contributed the Most

It would be remiss of me to discontinue writing the “Knightro Report” without giving due respect to those who are no longer with us but made a significant contribution to the content of this column.
They helped shape my life into the person I am today, and it has been an honor and a privilege to share this wealth of livestock introspect with our readers.

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Ten Tips to Increase Dairy Profits in 2019

Dairy producers across the United States continue to face countless challenges as they experience low milk prices and shrinking margins. It is no secret that net farm income has been on an almost steady decline over the past several years, leading to a large increase...

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The Centerpiece of Christmas Remains the Same

Merry Christmas! As the Knightro Report comes ever so close to the finish line, I want to take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you the merriest Christmas ever.It has indeed been an honor and a privilege to share this column with you for more...

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