Shade Haven is introducing the model SH500, their latest portable mobile shade structure, now available for delivery.

A smaller version of their larger, patented, award-winning model SH1200, the SH500 provides 500 square feet of portable shade and is the perfect solution for creating enough comfort for herds of 5 to 30 large animals or greater numbers of sheep, pigs or chickens.

Portable shade provides meaningful relief to your entire cattle herd and produces a healthier pasture, which could add to your bottom line. Rotational grazing has never been easier; As simple as moving a fence, moving the water, and moving the shade.

Rick Brown, a Wisconsin grass-fed beef producer, commented on the positive benefits Shade Haven had on his cattle. “The Shade Haven made an incredible difference in my herd’s health and performance and totally changed my grazing routine. I used to suffer as much as my animals looking for a way to provide shade. Now I got it, every day, exactly where I want it. I love it.”

The SH500 is 22’x22’ and weighs approximately 1,000 lbs., pulls easily with an ATV. It adjusts for height to accommodate the needs of your animals (or other applications you decide to use it for). Backed by a one-year warranty, it’s sturdy enough to withstand steady winds of 35mph and gusts up to 50mph.

The possibilities of Shade Haven’s structures are endless. Mobile shade has a multitude of purposes, limited only by your imagination!

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